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A hundred and more “good practices”

We cross different experiences and capabilities, human and professional qualities. We have realized projects that have taken on cultural habits, social conditions and the rules of democracy. We are committed to a path for a new kind of politic.
We learned with this experience to measure ourselves with the new concepts of citizenship, realistic and inclusive concepts, based on empowerment of all those who inhabit in the same place, rather than on national identities claims, more an more fleeting and no more actual.
Ours has been a common cause where we gave space to all citizens with their own different identities and relationships, in which the fundamental right exercised was the right to understand and participate.

Participation and reciprocity: our working model

We compared since the first day of our associative activity, with the desire to achieve the concrete utopia of a new way to experience the city.
We set ourselves a goal that can be defined ambitious - Strengthen the right to citizenship, his recognition, his protection - providing, as far as possible, support and evidence to the requests of committees and associations. We’ve been consistent with this goal and we have demonstrated with the facts in our daily associative efforts.
We propose ourselves like an atelier of language and democratic thought, with the knowledge that a fairer society can be achieved, not only with progress of individual but, above all, through collective paths.
In our daily work we practiced a model of collaboration and a participatory intervention involving all citizens and social institutions. A model of full participation and enhancement of the single duties in perspective of a common goal to achieve.
There are so many souls that make up a community, that you cannot think of create something truly meaningful for the public interest if you don't ensure to everyone the same voice.
Here lies the company name of “Nuovamente”: a participate intervention which managed to create a planning and constructive procedure, where public and private sector have combined to define alternative paths characterized by mutual respect and sharing.
Nuovamente, managed to realize his model of work and, simultaneously, to combine quickness and effectiveness of intervention. People are committed to working together and grown together, providing each other knowledge, enthusiasm and research.
Planning, co-creation and management have been at the base of a concrete goal, that saw associated the two forms of a commissioning form and a direct and democratic participation.

Our path.
Following we reported the projects, events, seminars, conventions, issues and activities that we have achieved since the birth of the association Nuovamente to date, divided by topic areas. Of course, many of the activities are integrated; concern more than one theme and involve different peoples and institutions. The division is structured on the basis of the main target but the formation, comparison and growth coming from these activities affects the whole community.
All our activities, our history, our publications and our deepening material can be found on our web-site (which has reached over 240.000 contacts in
February), where you can share opinions and leave your contribution on the topics covered.

Teenagers and kids

_ Out alone…where? : Survey conducted with 600 teenagers, aged between 14 and 16, which produced a consulting space to comprehend their world an their thoughts. The research focused on the collection and analysis of behaviors, needs and expectations of teenagers in relation to their free time.
_ Design Your Space: A path that was articulated in four different editions, on different themes, which involved more than 5000 high-school students in Bologna and province in designing new spaces for their own sociality, planning them in person with the help of texts, images and videos, considering all the requirements of bio-architecture and social/cultural integration between generations. In the range of these projects we organized exhibitions and produced three publications distributed to high-school students. In this project were also born eight “ Youth Centers”:
In Bologna:
_ Center “Design Your Space” Crescenzi-Pacinotti.
_ Center “Design Your Space” in Via dello Scalo 21/3
_ Center “Design Your Space” and multimedia center with rehearsal room, recording studio and equipment for production of audiovisual in Via Pier de’ Crescenzi 14
_ Center “Design Your Space” Montessori in Porretta
_ Two centers “Design Your Space” in Marzabotto and in plain.
_ Center “Design Your Space” ISIS Archimede in San Giovanni in Persiceto.
_ Center “Design Your Space” Auditorium in Budrio.
All the centers were managed by committees composed of representatives of Nuovamente, delegates from schools and/or from local authorities and young people from the related to the geographical areas covered.
_ Your territory, your Appennino: involved school students in Bologna and province. The boys measured themselves with the audiovisual techniques and the landscape descriptions: the students were asked to witness the territory where they live, with a particular attention to the Appennino Bolognese, through short-lasting videos, in the genre of fiction, film-clip, or documentary. The project involved, with a specific training course, also the Juvenile Penal Institute of Bologna and all the young inmates.156 audiovisual products were produced, and the best of which have been reported in videotape distributed to all the schools and the local authorities. During the annual editions of the Expo BolognAppennino showcase of culture, smells and tastes of the hills and the mountains of Bologna, there was a confrontation on the audiovisual products, produced with Nuovamente, with the participation of about 500 students and teachers in representation of high schools.
_ Project Active Citizenship/ Alternative Energy: has seen the participation of 2000 students. Also this project involved the Juvenile Penal Institute of Bologna and all the young inmates. The scripts produced on the issues of exclusion, citizenship - in its universal, European and Italian aspects – and renewable power sources, have been collected in a publication. The best among them were presented publicly to the Municipality of Bologna, broadcasted by the television channels of 7Gold, Nuova Rete and Rete Otto and reported on the web-site
_ Production of the short film “Prosementi: three products of the land” on the history of the “seed producing companies” in Bologna and on the alternative crops. This project involved in all its phases, from the screenplay, many students. Along with the filming work the boys have kept a “ship’s log” with a movie-like technique that testified the formative experience.
_ Space to the future, that led to identification and inventory of 250 public and private spaces left in Bologna and province. It’s been set up a coordination of a hundred of associations to plan hypothesis of assignment of disused industrial parks to groups of young people for their retraining, finalized to the production in the sphere of culture, new technologies, crafts and nonprofit.
_ I’m in too: at school with Piazza Grande: An initiative proposed with the metropolitan Forum of Associations of the Non-EU Citizens in Bologna and province, that has contemplated the active participation of young people with the members of the association “Amici di Piazza Grande” for devising, planning and implementing training and communication courses. The students along with the homeless produced a storyboard.

_ Stage on “Prison and Social/Working Inclusion of the Convicts” with Sabin High-school students in Bologna. The stage involved persons who profit of alternative measures to the prison detention. The students entered the prison of Bologna, talking with the convicts – who attend high school into the Juvenile Penal Institute – about issues relating to the punishment treatment, violence, legality and routes of reintegration into society.
_ Project “Community, citizenship, integration and communication. For young people by young people”: research targeted at students of high schools in Bologna, with the collection of more than 1018 contributions compiled by the boys on the concepts of citizenship, integration and community, social and affective dimensions, friendship and family relations. The objective of the research was to create a database of information on ideas and young people’s lives and the realization by the boys of scripts about the issues of the project through the genre of story, short film, storyboard with pictures and drawings. The research and the most beautiful pieces were collected in a publication edited by the boys themselves.
_ Paths of dances and songs with Kantun: a group of teenagers between 14 and 18 from different backgrounds living in Pilastro.
_ For an atlas of spatial memory of Bologna, which involved high school and university students in an anthropological research carried out through 200 interviews to male an female citizens in every valuable place for the historical an cultural identity of Bologna. The selected locations were: the train station, the tombs of the glossers, the synagogue, the wall in Via Mascarella, the Francesco Lorusso gardens, Via del Pratello and Porta Lame. We realized and distributed an issue with the collection and the anthropological and historical analysis of the interviews and places. The presentation of this issue took place during the event “underground route of Bologna down the Aposa stream” accompanied with music a theatre – thought up with “ Società per Azioni”.
_ Symbolic locations, perception, collective imaginary in ’77: path that has been the natural prosecution of “For an atlas of spatial memory of Bologna”, realized by the Sabin high school students attending at the social course of studies through hundreds of interviews in the most significant places of ’77 in Bologna. In this project too has been realized and distributed an issue and then a book.
_ The words of the places, which saw the participation of high school students and university trainee, supported by university researchers, to a path of research about the ’77 and the places, the history and the contents of this movement in Bologna. The project led to the publication of “The words of the places. Bologna ‘77”.
_ The port of resistance, interculturalism and memory, developed in cooperation with the centers “Design Your Space” of Bologna, saw the high schools students involved in a research and a collection of interviews about the relationship between the Resistance and the birth of the Italian constitution. At the end of the course was published an issue distributed to the schools and the local authorities.

Prison and social discomfort

_ Forum “of rights an punishments”, with whom we concretised a route that has contributed to the introduction in Bologna, of the institutional character of the “ guarantor for the rights of the persons deprived of the personal freedom”
_ Presentation and administration of the report “amnesty, legal pardon, rights of detainee, inquiry about the Italian prisons” with the interventions of the partners of the forum “of rights and punishments” and the association Antigone.
_ Promotion of the project “street lawyer”, realized in Bologna with the association “Amici di Piazza Grande”, that later circulated throughout the national territory, oriented to the reinforcement of the homeless and the weaker rights, with free legal assistance.
_ Project of transnational cooperation Daidalos. In the sphere of the project was realized the meeting “social and working inclusion for the convicts” at the multimedia center “Design Your Space” in Via Pier Crescenzi, with Spanish, French, poles and Slovaks operators in charge of the European Equal projects.
_ Equal-Pegaso, for the realization and the diffusion of plural processes of networks oriented to the reintegration of the convicts through the work and the business creation. We have created an operational and informative network directed to the social and working reintegration of the citizens subjected to penal execution.

Equal-Pegaso and Daidalos carried out with “Téchne” of Forlì-Cesena, “Cefal Bologna”, “Enaip” of Ferrara and Emilia Romagna, the Province of Forlì-Cesena, the municipalities of Bologna and Ferrara, the department for communication disciplines of Bologna University. Nuovamente also managed the social communication agency of the project, which goal was to give communicativeness visibility to the initiatives and to the experiences of inclusion and recovery of convicts and more generally to the prison and penal world basic issues.

_ Creation and administration of the website, built with the department for communication disciplines of Bologna University, in which the P.R.A.P.- the regional agency for penitentiary administration of Emilia Romagna – has activated an area that offered the possibility to get information about the institutes of penal execution in the territory of Emilia Romagna and their training proposes.
_ The “two-wheel mechanism” realized with the association “Amici di Piazza Grande” and “Enaip Emilia Romagna” for the professional reintegration of “dangerous” subjects through the creation of craft enterprises.
_ SOS bike – bicycle first aid, the provision of the workshop Bicicentro for free bike repairing to all who needed and requested in Piazza Nettuno and at the Giardini Margherita.
_ We held four classes with the inmates inside the “Dozza” prison of Bologna on the inviolability of the human being, promoted in the sphere of the high school, to encourage the acknowledgement of the citizen status of every convict, though deprived of his personal liberty. The lectures focused on two issues: the guarantor for the convict’s rights and the agency of social communication Equal-Pegaso. The frame of reference was the Project Sirio, started by the board of Ministry of Education.
_ Roads, supported by Emilia Romagna Region. This project led to the creation of a public database, available on websites and Were collected 120 projects regarding the formation and the reintegration into the world of work for prisoners and former prisoners, made in Italy. The project is based on free confrontation and sharing of experiences, ideas, and documents. Was created a DVD, “alternative measures”, distributed in all prisons in Emilia Romagna and to all directions of Italian penal institutes. The DVD, available directly for the convicts and ex-convicts, contains a documentary about the relations between the world of work and those preparing to leave or has already left the prison. Also contains an informative part (about new professional profiles, the procedures for a job application, the offices for work services, etc..) a formative part (how to write a curriculum, job interview simulations, etc..) translated in English, Arabic and Romanian an updated list of all the structures operating in the sector of instruction and professional training for adults in the territories involved.
_ Meeting Prison hurts, health and punishment, together with the association “A Buon diritto”, with the presentation of a research about the psychiatric treatment in the prison of Bologna and the participation of the prof. Luigi Manconi, back then undersecretary for the justice.
_ Workshop “communicate with the prison”, with the department of communication disciplines of the Bologna University, focused on the new criteria of information on the themes of prison a penal justice.


_ Forum on the public parks and the participation, which involved 100 associations that, for over 15 years, had and are taking care of over a million of square meters of parks in Bologna.
_ Meeting “planning, care, administration and protection of public parks. "Toward a statute of the places”, in which it was presented the participated project for the requalification of the Agucchi-Bertalia park in the Navile area. Involved 1200 male and female citizens who exposed their ideas, suggestions and proposals.
_ About cycling – in cooperation with “Legambiente Emilia Romagna”, association “Piazza Grande”, “Enaip Emilia Romagna”- for the promotion of the bike as a mean of alternative mobility and ecofriendly. In the sphere of the project we took census of all the cycle tracks in the municipality and province of Bologna and created parking lots precisely dedicated to bikes.
_ Cooperation to the promotion of the meeting “the sustainable city” for cycle/pedestrian mobility.

Laicism, work and active citizenship

_ The glass building, reform of the local authorities organisation, which has dealt with the legislative innovations of the last 15 years on the issue of local autonomy, with particular interest to the themes of transparency in public procedures and the effective participation of citizens in government.
_ Project “Work LAB Bologna, House of the autonomous producers (CPA). Between new economy and knowledge workers”, promoting the gathering of new work subjects for a better protection an enhancement on the labour market.
_ Meeting “New work, new rights – a statute for atypical workers’ ” promoted with CIGL, CISL and UIL.
_ Co promotion of the National Forum “Bologna chart: culture and work”, for a cultural project relating to communication and new works.
_ School of lay ethics for civil effort “I lumi della ragione”, seminars on the ethical foundations of collective life: tolerance and pluralism, considerations about philosophy, bioethics and science, economy, liberalism and socialism, environmentalism, psychological connotations of ethics, individual and corporate social responsibility. Meetings and seminars.
            _ Honesty and urban straight talking – laicism and moral conscience, with Luigi Lombardi Vallauri (philosopher, Florence University), Carlo Augusto Viano (philosopher, Turin University), Franco Bacchelli (philosophy historian, Bologna university).
            _ Life government, embryos, patents, cloning, with Anna Rollier (Milan university), Valerio Pocar (jurist, bioethics consult president) and Carlo Flamigni (Bologna university).
            _ Inheritance of Galileo, scientific method vs. dogma, with Anna Garbesi (CNA researcher), Luigi Garlaschelli (organic chemistry professor, Pavia university) and Bruno Giorgini (physics professor, Bologna university).
            _ Ethics and finance, with Riccardo Milano (Banca Etica company director), Luciano Sita (Granarolo president), Giuseppina Gualtieri (Nomisma Foundation), Davide Conti (Modena and Reggio Emilia University).
            _ Ethics, democracy, individual freedom in the liberal tradition, with Giancarlo Bosetti (“Reset” director), Carlo Galli (professor of political doctrines history, Bologna University), Elio Veltri (journalist).
            _ Ethics in the socialist and communist tradition, with Rossana Rossanda (journalist, founder of “Il Giornale”), Emanuele Maccaluso (DS senator), Alberto Burgio (philosophy historian, Bologna University).
            _ Ethics, art and civil effort, with Niva Lorenzini (department of letters and philosophy, Bologna University), Moni Ovadia (actor and movie director), Edoarto Sanguineti (poet, book reviewer, department of letters and philosophy, Genova University), Gianni Scalia (director of the magazine “In Forma di Parole”).
            _ Italian moral anthropology: national characteristics in the resistance to Berlusconi, with Claudio Pavone (historian, director of “Parola Chiave”), Lidia Ravera (writer and journalist), Niccolò Addario (sociologist, Modena and Reggio Emilia University).
_ Ethics, law, economy: parmalat case and not only, with Guido Rossi, Giuseppina Gualtieri (Nomisma Foundation) and Davide Conti (Modena and Reggio Emilia University).
_ Public spaces and religious symbols. Laicism in schools and religious symbols: the debate in Italy and France, with Roberta Carlini (“Il Manifesto”), Giovanni Cimbalo (law department, Bologna University), Milly Virgilio (law department, Bologna University), Francis Messner (CNRS – Université de Strasbourg).
_ Public spaces and religious symbols. Conscience, body membership: woman self-determination and collective identity, with Andrea Boraschi (Association “A Buon Diritto”) and Michela Fusaschi (Roma III University), science and communication department Bologna University, Giancarla Codrignani (committee of Bologna for school and formation).

_ Meeting on “Democracy and culture in the public discourse: the proposal of deliberative polls by James Fishkin”, new form of consulting public opinion based on information and discussion in addition of traditional statistical surveys. 
_ Meeting “Freedom and politic in information. Television is a challenge to democracy”, with the presentation of the book written by Ganni Cuperlo “Par Condicio? History and future of politics on television”.
_ Promotion and support for the “Cin Cin” campaign, a call for awareness and responsibility empowerment of the citizens and the realization of shared pathways, as an alternative to prohibitionist solutions of the urban decay. Promotion of the manifesto “a city of desires of a city of quiet living?” with an idea of an open and plural city, living 24 hours a day. More than 27.000 persons subscribed the manifesto of “Cin Cin” in two months.
_ Agreement and support for the law of popular initiative for a pluralistic and lay school.
_ For a concrete utopia, creation and public presentation of a document on the participation and institutes of democracy delivered to the chairman and councillors of the district of the of the town of Bologna, councillors in the province of Bologna and of the Emilia Romagna Region.


_ Paci-notti d’estate, four summer festival sponsored by the Coop. Macchine Celibi, Mattlycoop and Bottega Pacinotti in collaboration with the center “Design Your Space” under review pf the festival “Viva Bologna” with music, concerts, film screenings, photographic exhibitions, meetings on contemporary art with art critics and professors of the University of Bologna, which presented works by young artists.
_ Promotion with "Spazio Arte" in the “Design Your Space” centers, of exhibitions of painting and photographs of artists from Bologna and not only, with monthly periodicity. Cultural activities and socializing time mainly aimed at young people and ethnic interaction in the artistic fields and of social communication. Opening of music rehearsal rooms and recording rooms with hundreds of musical groups. Use of space and equipment for shooting and editing activities for the realization of audio and audiovisual material in collaboration with hundreds of associations. In the centers “Design Your Space” of Via dello Scalo 21/3 and Via Pier de Crescenzi 14 were held 2648 events (meetings, sessions of musical, theatre and dance performances, art exhibitions, poetry and meditation meetings, parties) reported on the site
_ Format/Live – talk show on being of Bologna, talk show co-sponsored by Nuovamente made repeatedly in the theatre Navile, at the club “C.Pavese” and the “House of Knowledge” of the town of Casalecchio di Reno, led by Stefano Cavedoni with the participation of writers, musicians, artists, establishment figures, academics, associations, retailers, band music. Some episodes of the show were broadcast over étv-rete 7, channel 891 of sky TV and channel 47 of cable TV.
_ Membership to Mappacorto, film festival with CrossOverArts born from the need to enhance the work of young filmmakers who preset their shorts at international festivals: they have joined the Milan Film Festival, the Circuito Off - Venice International Short Film Festival and l’Alternativa Indipendent Film Festival de Barcelona.
_ Support with CGIL, CISL, UIL, DS Bologna and the Coop Adriatica, to the “-Day of Solidarity” with the Kurdish people during the national festival of Newroz Kurdistan Bologna and organized by the Kurdish community.
_ Three shows "Està ... Porto", with music, performances, screenings, and meetings in the gardens Francesco Lorusso with the participation of writers, musicians and actors.
_ The port of memory, an exhibition of music and theatre performances, organized by Quartiere Porto and “Società per Azioni”
            _ Silk and water, Bologna in the '600, when the city had a river port on the Navile channel.
            _ When the waters made a stand: 1944.. Of Porta Lame and other stories... a commemoration of the Battle of Porta Lame, during the Resistance, and as the waters of the many channels of Bologna, underground and not, have contributed to the partisan struggle. Narration of events with the participation of the President of Anpi of Bologna.
            _ Bay of Pigs, summer art exhibition organized in collaboration with the Association Farm and the center “Design Your Space” of Via dello Scalo 21/3 in Bologna, with pictorial and photographic exhibitions, video installations, concerts of multi-ethnic, independent and experimental music, reading, theatre, ethnic dinners and other initiatives, in the spaces and the terrace of the Center.

The texts of the series “I quaderni” by Nuovamente
_ People and projects for the city, collection of the contributions which expose the goals of the association, which is proposed as a laboratory of democratic thought and language, a place of research and design for the quality of civic coexistence.
_ Country of women. Women's writings, collection of women writings, from the home to the streets of the city, crossing the themes of violence, safety and personal relationships
_ Against an unseen enemy. Committees, pollution and health in Bologna, Bologna antismog experience of committees in defence of the quality of urban environment.
_ Out alone ... where? Teenagers, projects and spaces, a journey of six months with one hundred teenagers.
_ Fermoguerra. From east to west at every point there is division, a collection of thoughts and quotes from Bruno Giorgni, writings against the war and the militarization of civil society.
_ For the protection of urban green, management, care and planning, assistance from the forum on green and public participation and the collection of projects of 100 committees of citizens and organizations that manage, protect and promote public green in Bologna.
_ Design your space. Young people, bio architecture and integration, with the young designers in creating spaces dedicated to them, from the point of view of bio architecture and social integration.
_ Of rights and penalties. The guarantor of freedom, reflection on law and punishment, the prison system in Italy and in Bologna, but especially on the new position of guarantor of the rights of persons deprived of liberty.
_ Rights and poverty. The experience of "Street Lawyer" recounts the early years of "Street Lawyer" project by the association "Amici di Piazza Grande" with Nuovamente, which has provided to homeless a qualified and free legal protection.
_ Participation, planning, management. Experience on the green areas of the city reflects the experience of participatory planning of retraining with 1200 male and female citizens, carried out by Nuovamente with the SIC - consortium of social initiatives - in the area of the park Agucchi-Bertalia, Quartiere Navile.
_ Rights of minors. Street Lawyer and legal protection of homeless people, witnesses who tell of events related to children living in situations of high social disadvantage.
_ Community, citizenship, integration and communication. For young people by young people with the best productions - storyboards, scripts and stories - of students around the issues in question and the survey data referring to the research made through 10,018 questionnaires collected by the Association in all high school in Bologna and province. The book has an appendix
_ The words of the places. Bologna '77, the first part gives a voice to 300 people who have lived and now live in the streets and squares which were the sites of the movement of '77. The second part presents the contributions of many players in '77, providing an overview of the history and content of that movement: feminism, the scientific technical issue, education, living and lived in homes, social relationships, the crisis of representation practice, musical experiences, the first free radio stations, Radio Alice...

Other publications:
_ Where to go for…a complete help for the homeless, sponsored by the association "Amici di Piazza Grande", Nuovamente , Province of Bologna, a guide for quick and easy reference for solving everyday problems facing those who arrive in town, has no home and must solve their own needs and emergencies of everyday life.
_ Suburbs to the center. Research project on the bike mobility, published in the penitentiary house "Dozza" following a project of the center for voluntary services in the province of Bologna, together with Legambiente Bologna, Nuovamente, Enaip Emilia Romagna and Association Onlus Piazza Grande, in collaboration with the consortium of social initiatives.
_ DVD “Alternative Measures”, addressed to prisoners and former prisoners, with a documentary on the difficult relationship between the world of work and those preparing to go out and those already released from prison, new professional profiles, detailed job application, locations of services to work and with some training on how to write a resume, simulated job interviews, etc..., translated into the languages most common among the prison population - English, Arabic and Romanian.
_ DVD “Prosementi, three products of the earth”, on the theory of “seed producing companies” in Bologna and on alternative crops, which involved at all stages, starting with the script, students of high school..
_ DVD “citizenship is harmony”, which involved children in the elementary schools of different ethnic groups in the realization of a spot on the themes of integration and citizenship.
_ DVD integration and communication, collects stories, fears and hopes through interviews and writings of foreign students who attend high school.
_ DVD “Women. Stronger than the fear”, currently finalist of the Action For Woman Contest on You Tube.